Our Colors Are Black & White: Here Is Why

This is why the 8mmSQUAD has chosen only two official colours: black and white. The two colours from the opposite side of the colour spectrum, the yin&yang, the light&dark, the good&evil, the pull&push, the happy&sad, the elation&frustration, the motivation&discouragement, the pleasure&pain, the simplicity&complexity, the conscious&subconscious, the new&old, the beginning&end.


Symbolises the purity we strive to live by in our day to day lives. Purity is anchored in each of us, being able to say that we gave nothing but our best effort. This mentality is not something we just switch on for practice, hell no. This is something we live by every day, every minute and it is engrained in everything we do. At practice, at work, at home and during races.

The white colour is also linked to honesty. If we don’t know, we ask. If we don’t understand, we speak up. If we don’t believe, we challenge. Although we choose white, our collars are always blue and we are never afraid of work.

At the end of the day, we hold us only accountable to ourselves as individuals  Because it is only when we look ourselves in the mirror, we can truly know if we have done our best and deserve to go to bed. 


Symbolises the colour of the places we have to go to in order to achieve our goals. The goals the 8mmSQUAD set as individuals and as a group are never small, humble or unreachable. Reaching our goals will involve pushing ourselves, physically and mentally, to places we have never been before. Places where the majority of the worlds population never have the courage to go.

Whether we are forced to the dark side in practice, in a race, through injury or other events in life, it does not matter. Because it is in this darkness, where our character is revealed and our strength is built. This is where, we ultimately learn about who and what we are. And what is still needed to be done. It is because, we are only truly molded in the dark and in solitude, when no one is around to watch, cheer or motivate us. This is where, we are forced to deal with our demons and converse with our inner voices. Once we can carry an honest dialog within ourselves, we are ready.

If we are determined, hungry and disciplined enough scoreboard will take care of itself. If we have done our best, is only up to us individually to determine.

If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. 

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