8MMSQUAD exists because athletes, professional or amateur, should be able to surround themselves with the right people. The people in question, are to be experts in their own field but must recognise that: no one is fully educated or possesses fail proof methods.

Both sides, coaching and athlete, must commit to being curious but not judgemental. A healthy will to question already existing “training truths”. The entire coaching process revolves around demystifying disciplines, such as triathlon for the eager first timer or seasoned veteran.

Within eg. triathlon, there are three different disciplines, swim, bike, run. Therefore, 8MMSQUAD supplies a swim, bike and run coach, this ensures that discipline specific technique and condition is reached. Additionally a fourth coach, a lead consultant is provided. The expertise of the fourth coach lies in perfecting the performance of the athlete, carefully scheduling the workouts in order to reach peak condition. Furthermore, the 8MMSQUAD has a fifth coach providing mental coaching.

The fifth dimension, is provided by the 8MMSQUAD orthopaedic osteopath, sport masseur, acupuncture expert. Yes, they are all baked into the same dude. In order for, 8MMSQUAD athletes to perform and avoid injury a solid foundation has to be established and this is done by our orthopaedic Swiss Army Knife. A new athlete will be called in for a check-up where injury history and present state is thoroughly checked. The information is then conveyed to the rest of the coaches and training plans are modified according to current state of health.

The key within the philosophy of 8MM Coaching is; the open forum. Within this forum all parties involved communicate with each other. This results: in a constant learning process for both the 8MM coaches and 8MM athletes.

“Never lose your learning cap”