After running my first marathon in Budapest, there was no return. I was addicted to running and the runners high. From there, I embarked on a journey to learn and master the perfect run technique. I have searched and I still search, for all possible knowledge of how to make running as optimal as possible, encompassing efficiency through technique and physique. Technique is at the fore front in my coaching. Technique, coordination and body control enables a solid and injury free season. 
When coaching, I strive for disciplin specific optimal production of power. This is achieved by correcting muscular imbalances and seeking the activation of the correct muscle at the right time. My strengths, as a run coach, are in physical coaching and running technique.   
I work as a performance coach at Fibaco. 
I have been a personal trainer since 2012.
Educations i have completed:
Trainer4you PT training scheme
FAF Running trainer
Anatomy trains level 1 & 2
Fibaco Performance Coach
Finntriathlon triathlon coach level 1 (level 2 to be completed in 2017)
I work at Fibaco as a performance coach