Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. I have been playing icehockey all my life, and trained scrupulously by the given scheme, for becoming a professional hockey player. One day I realized that not everybody will become the next Wayne Gretzky or Patrik Laine. That day I thought, “There must be another way of operating in elite sports”.

My solution was two-folded. I started by studying the human anatomy, how physical activities develop us humans, and how we evolve through sports.
On the other hand, as a driven and business orientated person, I started to observe and study how the society of sport works, as a part of what we call the human society and culture.

To conclude, I am a Sports Instructor and a Physical Educator as well as a Bachelor of Economics in the field of Sports Management.
Today, I am living my dream, by striving to help diligent sports enthusiasts to become successful athletes and paragons of our small but persistent nation.

“Never give up, Never surrender”