“Optimise, don’t maximise”

I am born in 1971, in Helsinki Finland. An anaesthesiologist, specialised in intensive care, trauma patient & emergency care and a certified instructor by the European Resuscitation Council (National and European level). Furthermore, I lecture and work as a consultant/lecturer for several pharmaceutical companies.


Endurance sports has been a hobby since I was a child, in my early days it was running. Later in life canoeing, adventure sports, two Ironman races, cross- and downhill skiing and cycling. The latter, became my main discipline. My best result, could be considered to be my fourth place in the Elite Time Trial Nationals and winning the Nordic Championship in the masters class, both in 2011. Also finishing 25th in a stage at the Cape Epic MTB race. Together with Eero Jäppinen, we have scored UCI points in the mens category. Medals from the, Finnish Nationals and Nordic Championships in both Time Trials and pair Time Trials, are safely stored at home. Currently, I am into weight lifting and CrossFit.

Physiology in extreme situations has always fascinated my from a young age. My fascination is strongly linked to my day job. Therefore, I have always made a point of keeping up to date reading research material regarding physiology, aerodynamics and equipment within endurance sports. 

Due to my personal experience, my coaching forte lies in the area of cycling. The combination of research data and application of this in practice in my own training, has turned out to be invaluable as to what I can offer as a coach. An individual is never an average or median of research data. Hence, my motto “Optimise, don’t maximise”.

As a part of the 8MMSQUAD, I find great satisfaction in sharing ideas and learning from a fantastic team of coaches and enjoy hearing detailed feedback the athletes give so very well.